Social Impact

As part of our final Graphics project, in groups we had to make a social impact.

This is our page, check it out and let us know how you feel about the issues raised.

1 year ago

Front Page and a sample of inside my final ever Graphic Design University project!

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My final outcome of my space encounter motion animation!

2 years ago

To develop from our typography with motion we had to make a sequence with a rocket flying through space. We had to make sure that we added depth by changing the perspective and dragging each image layer into place, expanding them to a size that we thought looked nice against the other layers and then we added our rockets. We had to add keyframes with the rocket to make sure that it moved with the camera against the direction of the stars so that it looks as if its flying across the screen.

We had the option of adding fire to the back of the rocket using the match behavior. Also to add another rocket to pass the first rocket, however I didn’t like the way it looked and so I deleted it from my frame. Right at the end we added the planet Earth, we did dabble in making the planet rotate however I couldn’t get my head around it after numerous tries and so I ended up using the still image.

2 years ago

5121 Frames later and this is the finished piece!

However there were some technical difficulties that no amount of attempts could rectify and Mike and I were unable to export the video with the audio in tack.

I felt as if the song had an old film feel to it and so I added this effect after finishing all my frames as I felt it complimented not only the song but my choice of font.

I have had to put the original file in ‘Work_Drive - Amy Slack - Motion’

2 years ago

This is the process of my final Motion typography. Ray LaMontagne - Burn.
I had initially chosen to use the song Maxwell - Pretty however I wasn’t really enjoying it and by the time I had finished the first paragraph of the song I didn’t want to listen to it anymore and so had to decide on another song to use.

I chose Burn because it is a significantly short song and because I wasn’t particularly confident with Motion I wanted to be able to experiment as well as getting the sequence finished.

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A member of staff at B&Q recommended me to their manager to design some simple quote cards which are used to give to customers who are having some sort of refurbishment done to their home/business. It had to be simple and clear and have all the information on it that the Manager had given to me via email.

I have included photo’s of my first design and my final design. In the end out of 5 designs he chose the 2nd photo (above)

2 years ago

This is one of the Conqueror Typographic Games posters I have been working on, although, it is not yet finished. I would still like to play around with the colours and make it more ‘Olympic-fied’. It is the only one that I like so far, so I’m a bit sceptical about posting the others however I may change my mind as it is a way to show my development.

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Another one of my Conqueror Typographic Games Posters. I have gone with the same theme of Usain Bolt and overlayed the Jamaican flag on his face as he is an inspirational person to a lot of people not only up and coming athletes but people in all walks of life.

I kept the background white as I felt it was a neutral background that wouldn’t take away from the colours of the flag and the words (font - Trajan Pro) ‘It’s not what you win but how you conquer it”

Photograph: Carlos Serrao

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